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How To Prepare For Office Move

How To Prepare For Office Move

Office move is a serious step. Usually, companies prepare for moving in advance, for instance, in one year. The most important thing is to plan the office move carefully. There are some tips for organizations:

1. Create a plan

Creating a timeline is the first step of office move. Timelines can help you to manage your time and to avoid waste of time. It’s necessary to take into account all the required resources. Also, it’s better to think about some extra resources.

2. Communicate with your employees.

Communication is the key point of any activity. You should find common language with your team and employees will help you to move. Organize the meeting with your team and discuss the moving conditions. Don’t forget to inform your clients about your relocation.

3. Create clear goals.

Creating goals to achieve the result will help your employees to understand the process. All the goals should be practical oriented. It’s important to choose goals that will help to develop your company at new place.

4. Think about your new place.

It’s necessary to think about new place in advance. You should care about light, heating and condition at your new building. Also don’t forget about the elevator in order to move the things.

5. Change your address in advance.

Change your business address before moving to new location. It’s important to do this both physically and digitally. All the changes should be presented on your website.

6. Trust professional office movers

Professional movers will help you to move to Los Angeles County, Orange County, Ventura County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County and other locations. Employ cheap movers in LA and they’ll move you carefully. High qualified specialist will also help you to pack all the things.

7. Choose the time for moving in advance.

It’s necessary to choose the place of your new office in advance. Also, you should think about time of moving in advance. Try to predict the number of clients, the best conditions for moving and etc.

8. Setting up a new office.

After the moving you should unpack all your things and arrange work places for your employees. Create different spaces for different departments. You A good idea is to relax and make a party for all the employees.

Superb Movers will help you with office move. Our high qualified movers have great experience in office moving. Our contacts

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How to Pack Fragile Items While Moving?

How to Pack Fragile Items While Moving? 

Packing is a difficult process. But sometimes it’s funny to find sentimental items, for instance, photos or books. Often these things are fragile and need to be moved carefully. Everyone will be upset if sentimental items are broken during the process of moving. That’s why you should choose Professional moving company in LA such as Superb Movers.

The most common problem is to prove safe moving of fragile items. Best movers Los Angeles know some ways to protect your things while moving:

1. Use bubble wrap. This material helps to protect fragile items. It’s better to use 2 or more layers of bubble in order to pack glass, porcelain, ceramics and etc. Then you should put the fragile items into the box. Pay attention to the size if the box. The things should be kept tight.

2. Pack fragile items separately. Sometimes people try to save time and pack fragile items with other things. It’s a bad idea because fragile items can be damaged easily. Don’t take a risk – pack fragile items in special boxes.

3. Don’t pack many fragile items together. Sometimes people put 2 or more fragile things into one box. The problem is that these items have different weight. In the process of moving some things can be broken. That’s why it’s better to use one box for one fragile item.

4. Mark the boxes. Don’t forget to mark the boxes with fragile items! In this case our movers will put these things carefully. Such boxes are transported on top. Also, you can forget where your fragile items art in your new house. Marked boxes will help you to find your sentimental items easily.

Superb Movers is your best choice. We’ll help you to pack and to move your fragile items to Beverly Hills, Burbank, Glendale, Hollywood, Pasadena, Redondo Beach, Sherman Oaks, Santa Monica, Torrance, Van Nuys, Rancho Cucamonga, Long Beach and other districts.

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15 Genius Moving Hacks (Using Things You Probably Already Have)

15 Genius Moving Hacks (Using Things You Probably Already Have)

Packing is an important process in moving. You can easily spend hundreds of dollars on packing. Superb Movers, Los Angeles moving company, will help you to save money! Read 15 moving hacks and use them in order to make your moving safe and comfortable.

1. Pack small kitchen items (for instance, spice jars, spoons and other kitchen things) into pots. This hack will help to save space and to protect fragile items. Bonus: throw kitchen items in 2 or 3 towels. 

2. Use trash bags in order to pack your clothes. Cut a small hole in a large trash bag. Then take your clothes and tie all the hooks together. After that put the trash bags on your clothes (the hooks should be put through the small hole).

3. Don’t forget what you pack! Try to remember the thing that you pack, because it’ll help you at your new home. Photos can help you – make a photo before and after packing.

4. Use plastic wrap when you pack your toiletries. Movers in Los Angeles advise you to unscrew all you shampoo and other items. Then you should put a small piece of plastic wrap and put the caps back. This simple procedure will save your nerves in moving process.

5. Take a picture of all the cords before your take a picture of all the cords. This photo will help you to remember where cords should be situated.

6. Put the heaviest items (like books!) in rolling suitcases.

This will help you to move them and to save space.

7. Put disposable tableware between your plates. This procedure will help you to prevent breakage.

8. Move your cords in empty toilet paper rolls. No more tangled wires!

9. Use towels, scarves, and blankets as packing materials. This will help to protect fragile things like candles and vases.

10. Organize your linens. Put all your  linens together for easy unpacking.

11. Try to keep the items for each room together. Use one box for items from one room. This hack will help ypu to unpack ypur things quickly.

12. Label all sides of your boxes (don’t label the top). In this case you’ll still be able to read the labels even when your boxes

are stacked together.

13. Use Vacuum Storage Bags. You’ll save much space (40-60%) if you put pillows and coats in Vacuum Storage Bags and use vacuum cleaner.

14. Pack small odds and ends (like cords, chargers and hardware) in labeled ziplock bags.

15. Think about things that you’ll need immediately at your new place (for example, toilet paper and your toothbrush) and put them together in one box.

In any case you can trust professionals. Superb Movers are ready to help you in moving to Los Angeles County, Orange County, Ventura County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County and other districts. We’ll help you either to pack or to move!

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