How Many People Does it Take to Move a Piano?


How Many People Does it Take to Move a Piano?

Piano is an oversized item, Everyone knows that it’s not easy to move this thing. Los Angeles piano movers are more effective than non-professionals and are ready to move any piano -  from the smallest Spinet Piano to the biggest Concert Grand. Don’t forget that most of moving companies don’t have a lot of experience in moving pianos, especially larger horizontal ones. An ordinary mover and a piano expert differ greatly. Don’t forget to mention piano when you call moving agencies and ask if they have piano experts. There are many different types of piano. That’s why the first step towards successfully moving is to find out what type of piano you have. Then professional movers in Los Angeles decide how heavy this piano is and how many people are needed. A small upright piano might weigh less than 300lbs while a large concert grand can be more than 1000lbs.

There are 4 Types of upright pianos:

1. Spinet pianos are the smallest pianos with the size about 3′ tall and 4’10” long. They weigh aproximately 200-300lbs and can usually be moved from room to room by two strong people.
2. Console pianos are higher a bit. They range from 3’4″ to 3’7″ in height and don’t weigh much more than a Spinet Piano. Two people usually can put a Console in case that there are no stairs or difficult obstacles. If there is a necessity to carry the piano up,  of at least one extra mover is needed.
3.  Studio pianos are bigger than console ones. They’re about the same length, from 3’9″ to 4′ in height, and can weigh up to 400lbs. This type is common in music schools because they provide the best compromise between size and tone. At least three people are needed to move this type of piano.
4. Classic uprights are the largest representatives of the upright family. They can weigh 500lb or even more, depending on the exact variety. At least four fast movers in LA  will move classic pianos carefully.

Also, there are horizontal  pianos:

1. Horizontal (grand) Pianos.
Horizontal pianos have such a difficult shape that they usually need to be disassembled before moving. This work can be done only by piano experts with specialist piano moving equipment. The smaller Petite Grand can be moved by at least three or four movers.

2. Baby Grand Pianos.
The popular Baby Grand piano is the next kind of horizontal pianos. They can be up to 5’7″ in length and weigh 500lb or more. Three or four people are needed to move this musical instrument (the legs and pedals are to be removed in advance). Parlour Grand pianos are a bit bigger but can usually be moved by a crew of the same size.

3. Semi-Concert (Ballroom) Pianos.
Semi-concert pianos are around 7′ in size. Four or five strong movers can move it safely. The Concert Grand, the biggest one of them, is much longer and heavier. It can be move by half a dozen people. Usually such pianos are very expensive: a fine semi-concert piano costs $50,000 or more.

Even if your piano is smaller than the horizontal one, it’s always better to invite specialist piano movers. In Superb Movers work piano experts that will be able to help with disassembly and reassembly/ Our mover have all the necessary equipment in order to handle large and valuable instruments. Any piano is a difficult thing to move and each one is also beautiful.  Call us and your piano will be safe!

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